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case study

Case Study and Solution for a Logistics Comapny APP

Miami, Florida

An accelerated process to innovate the high demand for UPS and FedEx delivers worldwide via Amazon and other online stores produce huge amounts of boxes at the warehouse ramp. 


Case Study for Supply Chain implementation into Freight system:


We needed to figure out a quicker way to consolidate and recognize each individual clients merchandise. You get bundles of boxes from 10 to 40 clients in one delivery from a delivery carrier. 


Before the process was we would scan all barcodes to make sure UPS (for example) number of total boxes match our system of input scans we created live onto an excel sheet with a bar-scanning gun. Next, we separated all boxes into groups by the client's name and once that was done we began individual warehouse receipts for each box. Then, the warehouse receipts would have measurements, weight and looked over and sometimes even photographed. Afterwards, the receipts go the warehouse management office where we had someone full-time inputting data of the warehouse receipts into the freight system. 


Our custom app assigned a warehouse receipt upon opening the screen, a team member inputs on the spot into the system via an iPad, the customer name, the city/ country and we scan the barcodes; anywhere from one box, per client, up to 30 to 50 boxes in one UPS (for example) drop off on our ramp. We also take an optional photo which helps the client identify his orders once it's overseas.  Once, its implemented we press send and the warehouse receipt goes to the management office and gets checked over and then input into the fields of the freight system. 


We did have to train each individual of the warehouse to use the iPad, some of our employees never touched a computer before in the warehouse or just didn't want to do this extra step.  The scanning of the barcodes had a small delay but that got fixed over time.  We cut the door to door service consolidation time of the warehouse receipts to half the time averaging about 2-4 minutes per receipt as opposed to a half hour or more time frame depending on how busy the warehouse was that day. 

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